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BoMar Pneumatics, Inc. Project Pictures

BoMar Torque Arms

Custom Tool Hangers

Pneumatic Clamp

Custom Machine Guarding

Custom Manipulator on 30' Rail

Below the Hook Tooling

Cleco Multiple Spindle

Roller Conveyor Carts

Air Turbine Spindle

40,000 RPM on a Haas CNC

Cutting Graphite - Tripled Production

Custom Mother/Daughter Carts

We manufacture custom sockets for the power, natural gas and steel industries at our machine shop.

The largest we've made so far started out at 1000 lbs and  was milled down to 450 lbs.

Custom Tank Manipulator

Custom Manipulator Project

Gorbel G-Force Hoist Project

Gorbel Powered Bridge System

Interchangeable Head Manipulator

3Arm Zero Gravity Balancers

Large Custom Structures and Fixtures

Spindles with PLC Control

Complete Assembly Cell Design and Setup

Fixtured Pneumatic Spindle Multiples

Headerless Bridge Crane Work Cells

High Heat Application Manipulators

Zero Gravity Balancers and Fixtures

Custom Electrical


Test Cells

DC Assembly Cell

Custom Hose Reels

Installation Services

Custom Bridge Crane with Electrobar

Pneumatic Multiple Spindle

Workstation with Process Control

The Cleco MPRO Controller is controlling operator installation and sequence with the barcode scanner built into the tool and standard software.

Vacuum Lift Assit

Portable Torque ARM

Zero Gravity Air Arm

3ARM for Sanding Application

Automotive Test Cell

Custom Flow Racking for Customized Pallets

Zero Gravity Automotive Manipulator

Custom Built Staircase

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