Ally Equipment Solutions provides custom design and build of material handling equipment:


  • Articulating Arms

  • Jib Cranes

  • Torque Tubes

  • Multiple Spindle Turn-Key

  • Pneumatic/Electric control packages

  • Vertical Balancers

  • Custom End Effectors

  • Overhead Rail Systems

  • Lift Tables

  • Hoists

  • Fabrication

See some of Ally and Bomar's collabrative projects here.

Torque Tube, Torque Arm, Manipulator, Lift Assist, Zero Gravity Arm, Balancer
Smart Arms, Manipulators, encoder arms, lift assist, ergo lift
Torque Arm, Grinding Arm, Lift Assit, Zero Gravity, Ergo Arm, Ergonomics
Baltrol, Bal-trol, Air Balancer, Pneumatic Balancer, Lift Assist, Hoist
Lift Assist, Manipulators, ERgo Arms, Hoists
Lift Assist, Ergo Arm, Zero Gravity, Balancer
Cleco, Cell-Core, Battery Tool, Transducerized Tool, LiveWire, MPRO
Kolver K-Ducer, Kolver Tools, K-Ducer, DC Tools, Electric Tools, Torque Tools
Ingersoll Rand QX Series Tools

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Cleco Neotek
Panasonic Tools, Pulse, Clutch, Battery Tools
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