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Error Proofing 101

Managers who are looking to improve their assembly process will always find themselves asking, “How can I reduce assembly errors without affecting the speed and output of our current process?” It is a commonly asked question that every manufacturer must deal with, and the answer is never as straight-forward as we would all like it to be.


Error Proofing your assembly process is always an illusive beast to tackle due to one universal truth; Everyone Makes Mistakes! No matter how intelligent, hard working or experienced your workforce is, your process is constantly at risk of errors that can jeopardize your product, reputation and customers’ safety.

Common Mistakes

  • Mental

  • Memory

  • Decision

  • Distraction

  • Coordination

  • Incomplete MotionAdjustment

  • ErrorSpeed/SkillInexperience

  • Lack of Standards

  • Too Fast a Pace

  • Inadequate Training

  • Inadequate Skill

  • Communication

  • Ambiguous

  • Incorrect

  • Incomplete

  • Intentional

  • Shortcut

  • Sabotage

  • Crime

  • Perception

  • Misunderstood

  • Misread

  • Misidentity

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DC Electric Tools

Introducing the Cleco mPro400GC Global Controller, the first controller for safety-critical applications that offers unsurpassed levels of flexibility, connectivity, and serviceability while providing superb torque accuracy and process control.


This new controller incorporates the advanced technical features of the proven DGD mPro system with the user-friendly software of the trusted Cleco TME controller, resulting in a powerful control solution that offers impressive cost savings through unequalled flexibility. Corded, Cordless, Or Fixtured ... All From One Controller.


The Cleco mPro400GC Global Controller is compatible with all Cleco 18-48 Series DC electric corded tools, LiveWire cordless tools, and all DGD and EMT fixtured spindles. That means fewer controllers and cables are needed for your line.


And that means savings...up to 50% over traditional systems.

Error Proofing

The Cleco LiveWire I-Wrench is a true all around production tool to meet your flexible manufacturing needs. It is the perfect tool for advanced threaded tightenings. additionally, it is suitable for your production line, enabling you to utilize both torque and angle tightening strategies.


The patented measuring system for the angle of rotation, the color display with touch screen and the large memory capacity of 1 gb make the Cleco LiveWire I-Wrench the most flexible and versatile wireless torque wrench available on the market.



+- 0.5% Deviation Between 20% and 100% of the Torque Capacity

+- 1% Deviation Between 10% and 20% of the Torque Capacity

+- 0.1 Degree Display Deviation of the Angle



WIFI 2.5 and 5 GHz

Client or Stand-alone

Torque Control - Angle Monitoring/Angle Control - Torque Monitoring

Data and Graph Transmission to Global Controller

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