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Cleco Tools
Cleco LiveWire
Cleco DC Tools, DC Tools, Cleco, Neotek, LiveWire, Cellclutch, Cellcore, Celltek
Cleco Electric Tools, Cleco Tools, Assembly Tools, DC Tools, Cellcore, Celltek, Cellclutch
Cleco Tools

Cleco has long been recognized as the assembly tool standard by which all other brands are measured. With over 100 years of precision manufacturing experience built into each tool, Cleco provides users the ultimate in performance. Designed to withstand the demanding requirements of today’s modern, high repetition assembly lines, Cleco’s ability to overcome even the most complicated application requirements, has made Cleco the world’s #1 choice for assembly tool technology.

Cleco provides the total solution for critical fastening operations.

Cleco NeoTek Electric Tools, DC Tools, Electric Tools, Cleco, Neotek, Cellcore, LiveWire, Celltek
DC Electric Nutrunners, Cleco, LiveWire, Battery DC tools, Assembly Tools, Battery Tools, Cellcore, Celltek
Torque and Angle Wrench, LiveWIre, Torque Wrench, Transducer, Torque Transducer, Battery Torque Wrench, Programmable Torque wrench
Cleco Automation, DC Tools, Cleco, Spindle, Transducer, Cellcore, LiveWire, Neotek, Celltek
Celltek, Cleco, Cellcore, Celltek Tools, Assembly Tools, DC tools, Battery DC tool
Cleco Virtual Tether

Cleco DC Tools Downloads

Ingersoll Rand Electric Tools, DC Tools, Transducerized Tools
Ingersoll Rand Fixtured DC Tools

IR Fixtured Tools PDF

Ingersoll Rand Electric Tools

IR Full-Line DC PDF

IR QX Series Tools

IR QX Battery Tools PDF

ASG Electric Tools
ASG Electric Tools
ASG Tools
DC Electric Tools, Screwdrivers, Nutrunners, Torque Control

ASG has been offering products and solutions for assembly since 1976. With headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio (USA) subsidiaries in Shanghai (China) and Mumbai (India), and a sales office in Guadalajara, Mexico, ASG offers a complete line of torque control screwdrivers, workstation accessories, production aides, and precision fastening equipment through ASG Assembly, Industrial, and Precision Fastening Product Groups.

ASG X-Paq Tools, X-Paq
ASG X-Paq Tools
Kolver K-Ducer, KDucer, K-Ducer, Kolver Tools, Torque Tools
Kolver Electric Tools
DC Electric Tools, Screwdrivers, Nutrunners, Torque Control
Kolver Tools, Kolver DC Tools, K-Ducer, KDucer, Torque Tools, DC Tools

KolverUSA is a subsidiary of Kolver S.r.l. of Thiene, Italy. Founded in 1989, KOLVER quickly became well established in both the European and North American markets by providing the highest quality products on the market combined with exceptional customer support. Thousands of state-of-the-art drivers are produced every year in Italy and then shipped to more than 30 Countries worldwide. Product innovation, rigorous respect for man and his environment and fast and accurate service have been the key factors of KOLVER's success.

Kolver - Catalog PDF.PNG
Kolver Tools, Kolver K-Ducer, K-Ducer, Torque, Torque Tools, DC Tools
Hios Electric Tools
DC Electric Tools, Screwdrivers, Nutrunners, Torque Control
Hios Electric Tools and Accessories

HIOS Inc. has specialized in the manufacture of screw tightening equipment since its inauguration in 1970, and we continue to develop our business today while considering the global environment and improving overall work efficiency. From a historical perspective, our Company’s electric current control M series acted as the prototype for the start of air screwdrivers during Japan’s post-war economic boom. This gave rise to the development of our CL series with attached mechanical clutch, offering compact size and low voltage design, ensuring accurate and safe screw tightening.

Hios Tools Catalog
Rad Torque Electric Tool, B-Rad Torque, RAD Torque
Rad Torque, Rad Torque Tools, B-Rad Torque, Rad Battery Tools, High Torque Tools

New World Technologies Inc. is a leading Canadian manufacturer of pneumatic, battery powered, and electronic pistol grip torque wrenches. Our advanced products have proven to be successful all over the world in such industries as oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, aerospace, and manufacturing. We continue to invest in and employ the latest technology to achieve the highest level of innovation, quality, and performance - which has resulted in multiple patents for our products. New World Technologies Inc. has designed its operations for maximum flexibility and responsiveness, ensuring our customers receive outstanding service.

Rad Torque Brochure
DC Electric Tools, Screwdrivers, Nutrunners, Torque Control

Since 1965, Mountz Inc. has proven its in-depth knowledge of torque and torque solutions by consistently developing, producing, marketing and servicing highly sophisticated, cutting-edge tools. Mountz Inc., known to industry as the nation's premier torque tool supplier, is an ISO 9001 registered and ISO 17025 accredited company. Mountz tools comply with ISO6789:2003 and are constructed from high quality materials, engineered for superior reliability and safety and backed by an industry leading warranty.

Mountz Tools
DC Electric Tools, Screwdrivers, Nutrunners, Torque Control

Delta Regis has been providing production assembly facilities with Electric Screwdrivers for more than fifteen years. Our precise torque shut-off clutch electric screwdrivers, along with our economical ratchet clutch drivers, are capable of meeting the needs of various product manufacturing sectors. In recent years, the Delta Regis Screwdriver product line (and available torque range) has grown dramatically through the coupling of brushless electric motors with proven mechanical clutch technology.

Delta Regis Tools Catalog
Aimco Electric Tools, Aimco Tools, Electric Tools

AIMCO manufactures and markets the most comprehensive selection of industrial power tools used for assembly operations available in the industry. Our unwavering commitment to providing effective assembly solutions, coupled with our outstanding customer service, has helped us achieve award-winning leadership status in the industry since 1970.

Aimco Tools, Aimco Electric Tools
DC Electric Tools, Screwdrivers, Nutrunners, Torque Control

Nitto Kohki U.S.A., Inc. was founded in 1969 to provide sales and provide services of machine tools and quick-connecting fluid couplings that are designed and manufactured by Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd. located in Tokyo, Japan. We attained a position at the forefront of the industry, pioneering the development of unique, high quality products based on the core technologies of fluid mechanics, precision engineering and more recently, electronic engineering. Through our products, Nitto Kohki has consistently offered customers advantages in terms of labor savings, improved working environments and efficient manufacturing.

DC Electric Tools, Screwdrivers, Nutrunners, Torque Control
DC Electric Tools, Screwdrivers, Nutrunners, Torque Control

Fiam is one of the leading companies in Europe and Italy’s foremost designer and manufacturer of industrial air tools and assembly systems. Fiam is a business partner that can be considered an international benchmark, perceiving and interpreting market demands and transforming them into products (also customised) with a standard of quality, safety and reliability that is by now well known. Backed up by over 60 years of experience and continual innovation, Fiam creates solutions that look to the quality of the finished product, increased production rate and improvement in operators working conditions.

Fiam Assembly Tools Catalog

Also proudly selling and servicing the following tool lines:

Bosch Electric Tools
Desoutter Electric Tools
Stanley Electric Tools, Stanley Tools, Stanley, Bosch, Desoutter
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